Sunday, January 24, 2016

A New Arrival

Mamplae gave birth to her firstborn, a she. She has yet to be named. Her perculiar birthmarks will determine the natural inclines to her eventual name giving.

Monday, November 2, 2015

What's this?

An imprint of a rubber stamp cop was accidentally found behind a black & white photograph among a pile of unwanted old papers. Almost unreadable yet still visible curiosity takes its course. Naturally  one has to be acquisitive rather than simply inquisitive especially when one's name is mentioned in a find! A question popped up. "What's this?" Tania asked. It's a good question needing an equally good answer. I therefore propose to volunteer my time to recal to memory the main aspects of works done by the TANGIT NATIVE CONTRACTOR owned  by Ketua Kampung Emmanuel Tangit Kinajil. The setting of this recall was a few decades ago.
His contracting work experiences started with the subcontract works in the initial building of the Kasigui-Madsizang road during the no-no 50/60 era. No machines, the like of earthmoving equipments, were then in sight. The earth road works was worked simply by manual works using changkols and animals and people. The secret to the success of the works completions is in the crowd of people working. This man had the crowd and he was the envy of the other subcontract contenders. That was in the past. Then there came following the Malaysia development awakening era. Development allocations were managed by the District Office of which the district officer is the pivotal player.
Over a long period of time the following works were successfully executed to the satisfaction of the people in authority concerned.
Supplying Works
1. The extracting and supply of river stones to a main contract holder supplying stones for the airport construction.
Earth Road & Gravel Road Construction
1. The stretch from the Maternity Home to Kg. Penampang, via Kg. Kambau;
2. The stretch from Pekan Inamam main road roundabout to Kg. Laut.
3. Repair to an existing earth road and the construction of a cattle grid to a road in Dontozidon area.
4. Earth road Babagon/Kolosunan
5. Bridle path Babagon to Buayan 
1. Bangunan Pasar in Kasigui 
2. Bangunan Pasar in Donggongon
3. Classroom blocks for SK Likas
4. Classroom blocks for SK Petagas
3. Classroom blocks for SKTansau
6. Classroom blocks for SK Tombovo
7. Classroom blocks for SK Sugud
8. Classroom blocks for SRKKolopis
9. Classroom blocks for SK Moyog
10.Classroom blocks for SK Terian
11.Classroom blocks for SK Buayan
11.Classroom blocks for SK Long-
     kogungan of asbestos louvers window
     Leaves for SMK St Michael's
13. Classroom blocks for SK Puuntuno Penampang
Suspension Bridges
1. Across Babagon river at kg Babagon 
2. Across Babagon river at Kapur
3. Across Moyog river at Babagon
4. Across Moyog river at Kakaangan
5. Across Papar river at Buayan 
6. Across Petagas river at kg Tanaki
The itemization of the above projects thus executed is done by grace and recall of memory and its truth is estimated to be as close to 95% in order
to truth and they are by no means according to chronological order to timing and award of works order..

Saturday, September 26, 2015


NOTORUSS is an acronym for the names of a few smaller kampungs clustered together. The kampung leaders and elders in their farsightedness and for the purpose of unity enhancement came up with the idea of a common kg name for the clustered kgs a couple of decades ago. The different kg names are NOunggon, TOlungan, RUgading, Sosopon and Sangaisangai. The different kg names are still in existence as they are still referred to for any specific references. And again, since those kampung names have been established from times immemorial they should not be wiped out, so to speak, unceremoniously! Who knows there might well have been a native or localized ceremony in establishing each of the kg names. This uniting kampung name is referring to the big pictures, socially and politically, and the individual names are still very much respected.
The emergence of the JKKK and the bounce and jurisdictions of the rims and limits of the spheres of the Ketua Kampung have been conveniently facilitated by the introduction of this so called 'Uniry Kg Name'. A single Ketua Kampung to marshall, so to speak, the quit a vast area is sufficiently adequate. 

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Salted Tilapia

Sun-dried salted tilapia is a speciality of many Tintapian palettes. Its preparation is simple and quite basic regarding cleanliness.
They would be submerged in salted water overnight.
Drain the dripping pieces before they are put in the hot sun to dry. This is the natural and well-beaten method used even perhaps during prehistoric era.
Flies and even blue bottles will be attracted to perch on the juicy flesh. Be initiative in scaring those intruders!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Surprising ?

Some people can find much pleasures scheming and planning a surprise for others. They go way out of their ways, so to speak, to ensure thatctheir plans work. Other onhearers or standers by readily co'operate by maintaining silence pertaining to the matter so as to ensure the plan works. Entwine in the whole scheme processes is the element of secrecy which the schemers ensure void of hurts to all parties especially to themselves and to others. These scheming characteristics seem innate in people but seem not readily present amongst wild or domesticated animals.

I was subjected to such surprise during the last sixth of he first month of 2014 !